how do we become a community that reaches the end of the earth.  I don’t know and it is hard to see far enough ahead of me to understand anything thats in front of me.



entering in

I have been really bothered lately about the idea of reaching lost people but not knowing exactly how to do it.  Today I was listening to a podcast from Movements That Change The World, which I highly recommend.  The speaker was talking about multiplying disciples and how he got them started.  It was really cool, basically he went on prayer walks and then met people.  He would ask them if God could do a miracle in your life today what would it be?  Then prayed for the person.  Of course God answered prayer and would give anything from a stove to groceries to deliverance from drug addiction.  Their next step was to see if they could do a bible study in their home.  Some said no but others said yes.

This just burned in me.  I realized that if we want to see others come to the lord we must figure out the gifts we have that can get us into their house.  Lets face it 90% of unchurched people will not go to some event put on by the church.  They will however let you come in a teach the in their home.

What gifts do you have that can be used.  I automatically think about my carpenter skills, and for my wife he landscaping passion would really help her get in the door.  Maybe you’re an awesome cook, or you know how to fix a computer.  Any of these can be used to get in the door of an unsaved persons house.  We need to focus on this.  Lord help us !

letting jesus lead

I have really be having fun with letting the lord grow people instead of trying to Stuart everything for them.  What we try to do with new believers is get them totally submerged in the word of god.  Then start them into accountability with you and others then pray for each other and others that you want to see come to salvation.  The cool thing about this is that the Lord with convict of sin and change Peoples hearts so that they want to live differently.

The last thing I want to do is give someone the do’s and don’ts..  You know what that is like.  Christians don’t drink, christians don’t lie,  so on so forth.  What is so much easier is get them into the word so that they can see what the word says then.  When these things start to sit in their heart they will be convicted and want to change these things.  There does come a place where something needs to be said.  The word says if you see a brother in sin go to them.  Now the important thing is that he first has to be you brother.  If there is no relationship it makes it very hard to correct.  When you are confessing sin and being held accountable to each other, confrontation gets so much easier.  Then you can come and correct in love.

It is also so important to let the lord lead you through this process.  You are always looking to stay humble and listen to the holy spirit to work through the issue.  I encourage everyone that knows the lord to get with people you know regularly and confess your sins to each other. In all reality your salvation is born out of that relationship.








d teams

Its pretty fun watching someone new discover the desire to see the lord change there heart.  I have had the priveledge to do this with a friend of mine and all I can say is that it gives you alot of hope and faith.  I can see jesus doing his work in his heart.  I really want to see us move into an apostolic group of people.  I find myself always pushing to see if they can start stepping out into evangelizing to there co-workers and unsaved friends.  I think this is partly because that is part of who I am, but also because I really want to see the harvest.  What would it look like if everything we did was geared toward the lost.  The body of christ has so much time and resources spent on making believers grow.  What would happen if we spent that same energy on bringing in the harvest.  I really think that we can be really effective by taking the people without out alot of  theology and just get them on fire with one message, the gospel.  Then we can send them out to preach that message alone.  Everything else the holy spirit can build within loveing relationship, confession of sin, and digesting major ammounts of the word.  I really believe that paul did not spend alot of time getting new believers ready to preach the gospel.  I believe the power of the holy spirit made their salvation so real that they were absolutely on fire to tell others about how jesus forgave them of there sins and saved them from hell..

i’m back

Well its official I am back to blogging after a three-year vacation.  This time I Will hopefully be a little more consistent.  Well here we go.  I was reading luke today and the two things that I noticed was that Jesus really, really does not like religious people.  Which I think is funny because a lot of people call me and others I know as religious.  Nothing like throwing everyone in the same barrel.  Now he had no problem asking them a question about religious law and then break it right in front of their face.  I guess he was trying to make a point..  Also I really noticed how many parables were about him giving people something just to see what they would do with the responsibility they were given.  It really made me realize that He does want to do his work through believers.  So I guess whatever God Has given you to steward and take care of, better be top priority in your life.

crazy dream

I had one of the most intense dreams last night that i think i have ever had I just wanted to share a little bit of it. The Lord showed me this beautiful women. All I could see was her face and her ahir she had shoulder lenghth hair and it was covered in oil. Her face was back lite by this extremly pure light so i could not actually make out her face. The most intense part whenever a drop of oil fell off of her head it would make this clear tone that rang right through you.  The smallest drop would almost melt you with the love of God.  I have never heard a the love of God but in this dream it was clear as a bell.